photography is a prayer


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As an individual living with FTD, a form of early onset dementia, I’ve been experiencing the crisis of COVID-19 and the civil unrest of 2020 through the eroding frontal and temporal lobes of my brain. In short, I have been thinking about the pandemic and global events through the lens of erosion . . . the destruction of the familiar and the secure, and the birthing and creation of things yet unknown.

As I reviewed hundreds of digital photographs during quarantine, I was particularly intrigued by the beauty of eroding rust, concrete, fabric and wood. Then came COVID-19. Hence, I have titled the images as they spoke to me in the early spring of 2020.  Perhaps, you will see something very different in my pictures. I look forward to hearing your perspective.  

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  1. I am SO sorry I missed the opening and a chance to say hello. Somehow these last few weeks have gotten filled up. I am hoping to get to the gallery soon. The idea behind this is inspiring. I have your beautiful book of photos from several years ago and look forward to experiencing even more inspiration! Thank you for doing this.

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